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Azerbaijan’s Representative Office in GCC incorporates “Elmira Beauty Tours” into their tourism development strategy

The Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan in GCC, Atlantis Holidays, has revealed that they will assimilate the aspect of Beauty through “El.Mira Beauty Tours” in their promotions to reinforce the GCC markets’ knowledge of Azerbaijan and its tourist attractions.


The \"El.Mira Beauty Tour\" is expected to be one of the greatest tourism promotional channel by the Representative Office authorities. El.Mira Beauty Tours are aimed at exploring the GCC Beauty market, to further expand tourism and beauty exchanges between Azerbaijan and GCC.


\"The representative office strives for the great advancement of Azerbaijan Tourism by 2022 and establishing the country into a favorite tourist destination among the GCC Nationals. We want to show Azerbaijan as a Modern, affluent, strong, culturally advanced, harmonious, and delightful country\" Said Rashid AL Noori, the Chairman of the Office.


\"Incorporating El.Mira Beauty Tours in our plans will go a long way in boosting our development of the objectives which will have to be reached by 2022. What we pursue is providing the best of both sides of Azerbaijan to our audiences to broaden their scope of experience and show the peaceful coexistence between beauty, nature, and tourism\" he said.


\"Besides creating more material and offerings to meet people\'s ever-increasing needs for a better experience during travel, we need also to provide more quality beauty products and services closer to home to meet people\'s ever-growing demands for physical attractions, wellbeing and health,  and ageless living.\" Al Noori said.


The Fascinating world of El. Mira Beauty Tours


El.Mira Beauty tours is a cosmetic tour product by El.Mira Beauty Line - a Cosmetic and Beauty Clinic in Azerbaijan. The main divisions of the beauty Clinic include Center for cosmetology, SPA-zone, Fitness club and Beauty salon. With a heightened focus on cosmetological services for beauty lovers.


El.Mira Beauty programs & treatments are characterized by a combination of unique, highly efficient hardware cosmetology with world-known French cosmetology company Biologique Recherche, Facial skin care with injectable treatment, make up design, micro blading, body care, nail care and hair treatments, to give an unparalleled beauty experience in a relaxed, affluent and healthy environment.


It’s worth mentioning that El. Mira Beauty Line works hand in hand with Ambassade de la Beaute who takes care of the exclusive, remarkably dynamic hardware complexes of El.Mira Beauty Line’s cosmetology services. Ambassade de la Beaute exclusively represent over 100 products, built up for the preservation and sustaining of health and beauty of the face, body skin and hair.


The uniqueness of El.Mira Beauty Treatments


El.Mira Beauty treatments are based on the latest innovative technologies and have the effect of rapid restoration, which phases out the signs of age and fatigue. El.Mira Beauty Treatments are said to improve health and solve the numerous complications of face and body skin in a brief span of time. The revolutionary face and body treatments are also said to have appeared in the symbiosis of scientific accomplishments and cosmetological innovations and were awarded four Nobel Prizes. The treatments include


 1. Body care treatments directed at eliminating several troubles, calling for prompt, qualified and practical solutions like Body sculpting, body lifting, anti-cellulite, Body contouring and V-shape body which is a significant reduction of volume in problematic areas of the body.


2.  Aesthetic cosmetology- aimed at solutions of such complex issues as removal, treatment, reduction of striae, scars, sword cuts, stretch marks, veins and vessels, tattoos, pigment stains, anti-acne and couperosis removal, treatment of rosacea and eradication of the vascular network.


3. Oxygen treatments targeted at more complexes problems like traumatic facial cleansing, evening out the relief, tone, and color of the skin, reducing the depth and eliminating fine wrinkles in the eyes area, removing scars, disfiguring, and post-acne traces, removing edema, and prevention manifestations of photo-aging.


Azerbaijan and Beauty


Azerbaijan is a deservedly popular destination for summer and winter tourism. The country successfully contends with foreign resort countries thanks to its splendid climate, the beauty of nature, architecture, the warmth of its people, and distinguished cuisine. Ancient mosques and places of worship in Azerbaijan are majestic and monumental, while the untamed nature thrills with its unique beauty. And introducing the El.Mira Beauty Tours in Tours to Azerbaijan promotions is great news for GCC beauty Lovers.


Food in Azerbaijan is Halal. And the government closely monitors the quality of nutrition of the population, so the products are completely natural. The cheese, meat, fish, poultry products, fruits, vegetables, and greens are all of exceptional quality and produced in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan cuisine is remarkable for its exceptional identity. The best of it all is the unique taste of Lankaran tea, meat cooked on the open fire, and delicious pilaf. With the added beauty tours, Azerbaijan is a country that will no doubt leave an energetic image in your heart, with unique impressions of the Gem of Caucasus.


When traveling each person has a distinct set of needs and expectations. Beauty Lovers are often left out because they would like to experience beauty as they make themselves beautiful too.  We are certain that Introducing El.Mira Beauty Tours as part of travels to Azerbaijan will ensure that these needs are met too. GCC beauty lovers’ can now enjoy awesome vacations and great beauty closer to home.


For more information about a custom-tailored beauty plan featuring unmatched aesthetic treatments and wondrous nature travel packages visit http://elmira-beauty-tour.com/en/




Elmira Beauty is a beauty and aesthetic clinic in Azerbaijan with main divisions Cosmetology, SPA-zone, Fitness club and Beauty salon. The Beauty Clinic coherently participates in several interrelated directions of providing complementary services. Increased focus is on cosmetological services, with equipment that meet the highest standards in the sphere of aesthetic cosmetology. World-known French cosmetology Company Biologique Recherche is represented in the Center by the whole range of its programs and treatments. The uniqueness of  Elmira Beauty treatments are based on the latest innovative technologies that effect  rapid makeover to eliminate the signs of age and fatigue. All of which can now be enjoyed by travelling to Azerbaijan, a beautiful Eurasian country just two and a half hours from GCC. 

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